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This burner gasket fits all models of the KBE5S, KBE5L, KBE5L 2-Step, 1JA and should be replaced if original is damaged in any way. 
It is installed between the conical housing and the burner flange. 
There are only 3 bolts used to mount the burner control unit to the conical housing.
KSL-R-06, 1JA-B-74

Burner Gasket - KBE5L, KBE5L 2-Step, KBE5S

  • INFO

    Item Number: KSL-R-06

    Manufacturer Part No: 50292-201016

    VAL6 MODEL: KBE5S, KBE5L, KBE5L 2-Step


    Length: 0    Width: 0    Height: 0

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