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There are two filter sizes.  The smaller one is used for the Daystar the an older "Z-1" model.  
DS-T-06, MPX-3-17

All other models use the larger one.  

Filters should be replaced at least every 300 hours of operation and one a year and is a simple 4 minute job to replace.  If dirty fuel is mistakenly used, the filter should also be changed.  On the Daystar model the filter is located in the tank attached to the bottom of the suction intake tube.  Unscrew the upper connection and lift the rubber gromet with the tubing to gain access being careful not to lose the filter off the end of the tubing allowing it to fall into the tank.  All other models have an external housing and can be removed with a hand turn of the mounting screw top.  Restarting will require priming and may take two or three on/off cycles to accomplish.

Fuel Filter - DAYSTAR, MPX (smaller filter)

SKU: DS-T-06, MPX-3-17
  • INFO

    Item Number: DS-T-06

    Manufacturer Part No: 50317-203004



    Length: 0    Width: 0    Height: 0

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